Discover MapQuest driving directions

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Getting from one point to another does not have to be a laborious or even frustrating task, especially when there are useful websites existing such as MapQuest. MapQuest driving directions are detailed and you can even print out the information if you need to take with the directions on your journey. There are a variety of options for these direction maps. These options include the filters showing information for walkers, cars and buses.

All you need to do is just enter any address, landmark, business for your starting point and of course the destination. You can also include stopping points in between. Moreover, you may want MapQuest to show you round trips or reverse routes, so that you will be able to know how you will get back to where you started your journey. Mapquest driving directions also include advanced filters where you can pick kilometers or mileage and optimize your routes for the shortest distance. This way you will also be able to avoid highways, seasonal roads, tolls, ferries, borders, and some other restrictions.

After choosing your route, you will then click “Get Directions”; MapQuest will then provide a map. You may choose to edit the map by simply dragging the route line using the mouse, add filters and start searching nearby. After getting exact directions, its important to print them out. You can even send them via email, website, mobile phone, Facebook or to GPS device .

Each day, is able to generate more than 5 million maps and further 7 million mapquest driving directions. Mapquest covers Canada, the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom,Italy, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Spain and Switzerland to the street level. The rest of the mapped world is covered to the city level. Its coverage Sources include its cartography data that is developed for mapquest print publications, digital mapping information companies such as TeleAtlas and NavTech, and the government databases. MapQuest usually updates its info every three months.